Onyx & Peridot Blend Gemstone Perfume Collection by Sage

KEY NOTES: Black Coconut, Vanilla Nectar, Fig, Tobacco Flower, Oakmoss, Amber
ONYX & PERIDOT BLEND | A fragrance that is as darkly opulent as the stones for which it is named. Beginning with bewitching top notes of Black Coconut, Fig and Tobacco Flower which gently evolve into a sparkling middle note of Blood Orange. Deep Ambers mingle with a variety of Fresh Musk notes to create a scent that wears close to the body, becoming part of you. A subtle touch of Oakmoss and essential Vanilla and Onyx Peridot to the skin, and to the memory of the one who wears it. Luxe and exotic, Onyx and Peridot is for the perfumista who has it all and is sheer bliss in a bottle.
"Wowza. Talk about sexy and mysterious. This is beyond gorgeous. Onyx Peridot is both dark and rich. The Coconut and Tobacco blend so well together. My skin adores it and I find the lasting power of Sage Machado's oils to be outstanding. It wears close to the skin yet every time I move my head or brush my hair I get soft little clouds of scent that surround me and those close to me always seem to compliment. I love how my sweaters smell after wearing this." - M.D.