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Sage is a true California native and beach girl. The daughter of hippies, her unbeatable personal style and artsy, bohemian touch has cemented her place as one of the top purveyors of LA style.
Her gemstone love story began 30 years ago with the creation of her artisan jewelry collections. Her secret: traveling the world to find inspiration.

Machado's Sage Lifestyle
In early 1998, Machado launched her first Sage boutique in LA, devoted entirely to her jewelry paired with unique items from all over the globe.
Machado's encore? Creating a line of exquisite perfume oils and candles, all named and inspired by gemstones, and handcrafted with love in sunny California.
Sage Machado has built a business around her bohemian lifestyle. The results are beautiful, and all her designs have a worn, lived-in quality that fits the natural elegance and nonchalant vibe which embodies the effortlessly chic California lifestyle.

 Bohemian lifestyle

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    I am dedicating this post to share my story as an artisan, designer, and entrepreneur. My gemstone love story began 29 years ago with the creation of my one-of-a-kind jewelry collections...
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    My Most Cherished Scent, Pearl Perfume

    The most cherished scent in my collection is Pearl. I chose the gemstone Pearl to represent and capture this precious moment in my life: the birth of my first daughter, Sophie...
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