The Birth of My Gemstone Perfumery and the Original Five Scents

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The discovery and development process for each of my scents can be one of the most emotional journeys for me as a designer. With each of my scents there is a very in depth process that requires a deep look into each gemstone and what type of person embodies that stone. I find inspiration in the color and essence of the stone, and look for flowers and essences from the region the stone is naturally found. With this deep understanding of the gemstone it helps guide me to the creation of each of my scents.
It is very important to me that the true essence of each gemstone comes through while experiencing the fragrance as a the gemstone is born into a perfume. My passion for both jewelry and fragrance has led me to a greater understanding and discovery of each scent.
My First Born. Upon creating Jade, my first perfume, I was so wildly inspired that I decided one would never be enough.
Jade Perfume Oil by Sage - Niche Perfume - Vegan Perfume - The Sage Lifestyle
And then there were five. I launched with five gemstone perfumes 25 years ago... and now I have twenty one divine scents for you to choose from.
Topaz... the ultimate Vanilla. "This perfume is like a fine wine, full-bodied and is aging better over time."
Amber... warm, sensual and evoking. AMBER is inspired by the golden stones formed from the resin of ancient trees. Its succulent Blood Orange top note streams like sun rays through notes of Labdanum, Tunisian Amber and Musk.
Citrine... a sparkling, crisp citrus delight. "I get so many compliments on this, but I'm too greedy to share... this is my beauty secret ladies, sorry!"
Amethyst... soft, sexy and addicting. "This perfume is a crescendo of a scent... very purple with violets, lilacs and lavender... it's got such a vintage vibe. It's so lovely.
Amethyst Gemstone Perfume Oil Roll-On by Sage - 1/8oz - Niche Perfume - Vegan Perfume - The Sage Lifestyle

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