The Birth of My Gemstone Perfumery and the Original Five Scents

The Sage Life Style Gemstone Perfumery Birth Story

In the peak of my jewelry career, I set out to add something new to my brand. I remember thinking, "How am I going to focus this new addition with the gemstones?" The two divisions had to speak to each other. Perfume it was... inspired by my love and passion of gemstones. This was something unique, and one of a kind for the time, perfume oils.

The discovery and development process for each of my scents can be one of the most emotional journeys for me as a designer. The stones have a personality to me, not only am I seeking to embody the color of the gemstones, but also the total personality. Who is the person who seems to be attracted to these stones? What do they look like? What is their style? Where is this gemstone mined? Can I find essences that are from the same region? All of these thoughts race through my mind with each new gemstone perfume I have set out to conquer. It is very important to me that the true essence of each gemstone comes through while the customer experiences each fragrance and while the gemstone is being born into a perfume 

Jade Gemstone Perfume Oil Roll On by Sage Machado, Myrrh Jasmine Tuberose Bergamot White Opium

My First BornUpon creating Jade, my first perfume, I was so wildly inspired that I knew one would never be enoughI decided to launch with five gemstone perfumes 26 years ago, and now I have twenty one divine scents for you to choose from. 

  •  The Zodiac Stone for Virgo and the Birthstone for March

  • Jade is a part of the Dark Floral Fragrance Palette 

JADE | A fragrance of serene mystery, Jade is inspired by that tranquil green stone that symbolizes both love and virtue. It begins with a euphoric top note of Israeli Blood orange that, like the gem itself, is said to promote balance. Middle notes of Jasmine, Magnolia and Tuberose introduce themselves quietly at first and then unfold to reveal their full intensity – a tribute to the stone’s delicate beauty and legendary ability to increase bodily strength and longevity. The fragrance’s lingering, exotic base note accords of Amber, Sandalwood and Musk, accented with Oakmoss, White Opium and Spicy Vanilla, is at once inviting and grounding. Jade’s poetic, positivity-inducing harmony of essences lends fragrant expression to the ancient Chinese belief that handling the stone enables one to absorb its Secret Virtue.


“This is one of the most intense, dark, rich, unique and intoxicating perfumes I have ever experienced! It is a true vintage inspired European perfume that has such an incredibly wide range of notes that hit you so beautifully one by one. The tuberose and Jasmine steal the show yet the warmth of the blood orange, Amber and musk linger on so perfectly - making Jade a perfume that one will always remember! I think I have found my fragrance soulmate!” -W.W. 

Gemstone Perfumery Collection Oil Roll On by Sage Machado

The year I launched my Gemstone Perfumery, it was first discovered by Vogue and written up as the best packaging of the year, they chose to feature Amethyst. I was invited by Sephora to the opening of the first Sephora in New York City as they launched my perfumes, and they were also available in the first Anthropologie in Soho. My Gemstone Perfumes were also chosen by Barney's NY as the only perfume oils to launch in their first apothecary. With all of the above success I knew I had created something unique and special. 

Amethyst Gemstone Perfume Oil Roll On by Sage Machado, Musk Lilac Sandalwood African Violet French Lavender


AMETHYST | As Sage's new interpretation of the ethereally beautiful purple stone, this blend begins with a top note of calming French lavender in honor of the gem's legendary ability to promote a spirit of peacefulness. The fragrance's middle note of Wild African Violet and Spicy Lilac is lush and beguiling, and rests on a warm, meditative base note of Sandalwood and Musk that is accented with Vanilla. A sheerer exploration of the original Amethyst scent, this fragrance is as elementally delightful as a lavender tea cookie - wear it whenever you want to enchant or be enchanted by its delicate, alluring beauty

  • The Zodiac Stone for Aquarius and the Birthstone for February

  • Amethyst is a part of the Light Floral Fragrance Palette


“Purple perfection… Like a walk through the garden on a bright sunny day… Romantic, feminine, and intoxicating! Somehow, I feel like I am in Monet's Garden when I wear this… paired with the perfect floral sundress I am in heaven!!! I swear the tiny bit of lavender is so cleansing on me as well… I smell it but ever so gently! Perfection!” -Gemini C.


Gemstone Perfume Eau de Toilette Collection by Sage Machado


I believe in wearing a perfume that embodies your essence. I am a firm believer in having a signature scent that changes with the seasons and creating a fragrance wardrobe for yourself. I chose to work, upon launching my Gemstone Perfumery, exclusively with pure perfume oil because it wears closer to the skin, which keeps your scent much more intimate and personal, as well as being a cleaner alternative for fragrance. I added my Eau de Toilette much later after my customers expressed an interest and desire for it. 



The Sage Lifestyle Signature Japanese Washi Paper


The Sage Lifestyle signature packaging is handmade with Japanese Washi papers, which I discovered in San Francisco at a Japanese Museum. I chose them because I wanted to have a paper which had a textile-like feel to it as well as a luster that would capture the brilliance of the gemstones. No other paper compares to me; they are hand block printed on centuries old printing boards, and they truly make the perfect pairing with my Gemstone Perfumery.


Topaz Gemstone Perfume Oil Roll On by Sage Machado, Mango Vanilla Rosewood Sandalwood Smoky Musk


TOPAZ | In Sanskrit, the word topaz means "fire". Inspired by those vibrant, sunset-hued jewels that were a favorite of Russia's Czarinas, this deeply warm and spicy fragrance begins with an incendiary, inviting top note accord of Mango, Papaya and Rosewood. These ignite a sumptuous, alluring fusion of five Vanillas from around the world with White Opium, Amber, Arabian Sandalwood, Oakmoss and Smoky Musk. A truly celebratory fragrance, Topaz adorns the wearer much like its namesake stone once graced noble beauties with dazzling, regal splendor. 

  • The Zodiac Stone for Scorpio and the Birthstone of November

  • Topaz is a part of Subtle Fragrance Palette


Topaz is my favorite scent of all time. It blends with my soul. I don’t feel scented from the outside more like my own essence emerges. I just love it. And I get so many compliments on it - especially when someone is extra close. On top of that, Sage, her staff, and their service are all tops. So wonderful to be able to say thank you and bravo! I smile every time I roll on my Topaz.” -Bari



Amber Gemstone Perfume Collection by Sage Machado


AMBER | A fragrance of singular power and depth. Amber is inspired by those golden, light-filled stones formed from the resin of ancient trees. Its succulent Blood Orange top note streams like the sun’s rays through notes of LabdanumTunisian Amber and Musk. Legend states that Amber was used by sorcerers and magicians to promote strength, healing, and protection. This fragrance is itself an emboldening yet profoundly calming talisman.

  • The Zodiac Stone of Leo and Aquarius and the Birthstone of November

  • Amber is part of the Earthy Fragrance Palette

    A Glowing Review

    “I keep a tightly sealed dark blue glass jar with a chunk of pure unadulterated amber from a chemists' supply. On moments when I need a smile, I reach for that jar and get a whiff of the Real Deal. Of all the other amber frags out there, only Sage Machado captures so perfectly that single exquisite note. And unlike a lump in a jar - I can actually *wear* Sage Machado Amber. Yes, there are supporting notes - gentle traces of blonde wood and faint hints of orange rind, but Ms. Machado has so perfectly subdued them, letting the star ingredient do what it does best: shine. glow. burnish. I meant to elaborate further, but what else can be said? Simply one of the best ambers ever.” -Zhara



    Citrine Gemstone Perfume Oil Roll On by Sage Machado, Yuzu Cassis Bergamot Grapefruit Honeysuckle


    CITRINE | A sunny, sparkling, and crystalline tribute to the golden-yellow stone of the same name, exuberantly begins with a top note accord of Yuzu, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Lemon, and Cassis - all essences that, like the gem itself, are said to inspire mental clarity. The sweet and innocent notes of Honeysuckle and Sweet Pea dance with base notes of Sandalwood, Musk and Orris. Perfectly capturing the spirit of a stone legendary for its power to inspire hope and keep one young at heart

    • The Zodiac Stone for Cancer and Birthstone for November

    • Citrine is a part of the Fruity Fragrance Palette


      Citrine....sparkling, clean, crisp, citrus delight… It has a mild green undertone to it that is just delicious. This is my go-to fragrance for the day, I get so many compliments on it- but I am too greedy to share… This is my beauty secret ladies, sorry! I love to mix this with Sage's Amber for nighttime… It's extraordinary and changes the experience completely.” -L.H. 

      instyle sage and citrine rollers


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