Custom Designs by Sage

I offer a variety of bespoke design services which include private consultations in your home or hotel, via phone or at my design studio where I will create an exclusive, one of a kind jewelry masterpiece for you. In this private consultation I will use color therapy, symbolism and gemstone healing to enhance your life.
For those seeking an even deeper experience, I offer lifestyle consultations to help upgrade your wardrobe, home and more. I pride myself on creating a truly one of a kind experience for my clients, akin to having a personal artist, designer and stylist to make your dreams come to life! After 20 years of providing personalized service and attention, I truly love the creative process and helping people enhance themselves and their lives.
My bespoke projects include a variety of services to enhance your lifestyle. Below I have listed some examples of what can be created exclusively for you at The Sage Lifestyle.

* Family heirloom redesign, creating wearable art from a treasure from your family's past
* Wedding consultation, including bridal jewelry, bridesmaids and party gifts
* Love token jewelry
* Celebrating your children jewelry
* Family crest design
* Heritage jewelry
* Gemstone therapy jewelry
* Sentimental mourning jewelry
* Commissioned art for your home
* One of a kind objects de art for your home
* One of a kind upholstery designs using vintage textiles
* One of a kind clothing designed exclusively for you
* Custom fragrance design
* Creative and one of a kind gifting
* Exclusive event gifting for large groups
* Custom stationary and invitations
* Custom, one of a kind framing
* Styling services for home and life

"Well, just utterly gorgeous, this is how you will find my design table most days, full of colors,
stones, and a muriad of incredible delights! How can I not be inspired with this
beauty all around me? AN ULTIMATE TREASURE TROVE."

"Here, I’m working on a special custom bed set, part of my bespoke design services,
using a collection of vintage textiles to create a modern day bed set. 
Textiles are an integral part of my designs and forever inspire me."

"I have designed all the pillows and upholstery in my home and studio. Here, I used one of my most cherished textiles, circa 1900, Turkish to cover the seat of this extraordinary Circa 1920 French club chair."

"For my bespoke Jewls, this is a project I’m working on pairing color therapy and gemstone healing together to create unique pieces that are truly one of a kind! My BESPOKE design services keeps me on my toes and always challenged... which I adore!"

"Just a peek into my textile collection. There are many more trunks to add to this 20 year collection of masterful textile treasures. I use these, when I’m willing to part with them for various bespoke projects, I’m working on and for constant inspiration in all of my designs."

"The Prada bag is one of my bespoke design services. It was a commissioned art piece which captures the clients inner goddess and creates a timeless masterpiece!"

"From the bespoke projects, which are always an adventure and truly one-of-a-kind, I have a commissioned Tiger art collaboration with Lotus in the third eye, applied to leather jacket, custom studded! The Tigress is here!"

"I just adore this piece, I wanted to give a more simplistic, striking, modern feel with the heavy contrast of pinks on the crisp white background. We chose this fab biker jacket by Anine Bing as a base for the project. The end result is stunning".

"The tiger I needed to create for this piece had to be pure, feminine, and represent freedom and protection and would act as the clients chariot guiding her. I was beyond pleased with this masterpiece and it is one of my favorites! The PRADA bag was the perfect starting point in its clean and simplistic form."

"Here is Honey as my little supermodel! Who I might add sold this striking cameo necklace, priced at a mere $2500 the first day the postcard was received!!! Amazing!!!

“When creating this necklace to commemorate Honey, I used an era appropriate rose gold chain
as the base of the design – Circa 1880, 14 karat rose gold handmade chain paired with
Japanese Keshi pearls, honeys hair encased in circa 1900 clear locket, 14K gold,
her nail wrapped in 14 karat rose gold, and her ashes encased in a glass vial
dipped in 14 karat rose gold. An heirloom I shall always cherish and hold close to my heart!”


Photographer: Eric Kelley on Bridal Musings

When you are truly, madly, deeply in love with the right person, planning your dream wedding should be just as easy, right?
Luckily it can be. I have created a whimsical environment at The Sage Lifestyle for any bride-to-be that is looking
for an impeccably unique style. I know how magical this time is for both the bride and groom and have designed
products that offer gorgeously effortless style. Channel your inner bohemian goddess with perfect pieces for the bride,
groom, and bridesmaids, or send them away as gifts with your friends and families!

"It’s love stories that move us, inspire us and sweep us away."
One of the most endearing times I spent was with a couple in my store.
I was requested to help them find a scent that would represent the first year of their engagement.
They had a deep understanding of scent and the emotions it evokes. They wanted a scent that would always remind them
of this joyous first year of celebrating their love. Once they got married the bride-to-be would stop wearing the
scent but keep it only for special occasions.  After spending sometime with them, I suggested the Pearl Roll-On-Oil.
The innocence and spiritual purity of the pearl offered the couple a scent that
would begin their new journey on a solid and pure foundation.

Fall in love with these uniquely designed engagement rings. Simple, elegant, and forever treasured,
both the Princess (right) and Empress (left) pieces are sure to become a family heirloom.


Duchess Lever Earrings is your something blue!

Your something blue should be a token of your love and for you to pass down to your family!
Sage's Duchess Lever Earrings (Blue Sapphire)

The perfect bridesmaids gift!

The perfect baubles for your bridesmaids can be customized to match their dresses!
Let Sage customize your bridesmaid's jewelry to the exact color or have a custom piece made as a perfect bridesmaid gift!



Personalize original Sage Lifestyle candles to send away with friends and families as
a perfect wedding favor! Available exclusively at The Sage Lifestyle.



Color is all around us. Color can affect our emotions, our thoughts, ideas and how we respond to life.
Most of us don’t understand the impact that color has on our daily lives. We see color everyday, all day.
Many people believe that color has a powerful affect on our lives and special colored stones have specific powers.
In the Hidu religion, Holi, the Festival of Colors, is held to celebrate (see image above) the coming of springtime
and is observed on the last full moon of the lunar month. Participants traditionally throw bright, vibrant powders
at friends and strangers alike as they celebrate the arrival of Spring. We are all moved by color whether we are aware
of it or not. I have made this post to help you gain a new appreciation for the true meaning of color and hope
that it may stimulate your deeper senses and enrich your life.



Most of us know that warm colors (reds and oranges) can stimulate and spur us into action while
the cooler colors (blues and violets) serve to calm and relax us. Many times color is characterized as
food for our minds, emotions and soul. It can increase your well-being, spirits and help bring clarity to your day.

Here are some meanings behind each color to guide you on your personal color therapy journey:

Red symbolizes: action, confidence, courage, vitality
Pink symbolizes: love, beauty
Brown symbolizes: earth, order, convention
Orange symbolizes: vitality with endurance
Gold symbolizes: Wealth, prosperity, wisdom
Yellow symbolizes: wisdom, joy, happiness, intellectual energy
Green symbolizes: life, nature, fertility, well being
Blue symbolizes: youth, spirituality, truth, peace
Purple symbolizes: Royalty, magic, mystery
Indigo symbolizes: intuition, meditation, deep contemplation
White symbolizes: Purity, Cleanliness
Black symbolizes: Earth, stability
Gray symbolizes: Security, maturity


As a designer, it always starts with color. Color is my main inspiration, always.
Color is everywhere around me -  in my home, my wardrobe and in all of my collections.
The influence of color in my life brings me sheer joy. I try to infuse color into people’s lives with my designs.
It is my intention to push people outside of their "color" comfort zone. I hope to encourage them to
find the color within themselves that is just waiting to be seen. Often times, I will suggest very bold colors for
my clients that they would usually never see themselves wearing, after I have chosen their hidden color
their face is beaming and the color match is complete.

I design using my gemstones as my paints, my colors and I allow those colors to guide me
into each creation. Much like a painter would. I love to use contrasting colors that
truly complement one another unexpectedly.

"Subtle yet definitely colorful, this beauty in blue is one of my favorites!"
 – Circa 1940, Austrian Crystal Medallion on Chinese Blue Topaz and Circa 1950, African Glass Beads

"Color pop perfect for this holiday season. You will be the gem of the party!"
 – Circa 1950, Austrian Crystal Medallion on Red Jade and Chysophrase on sterling silver chain.

I hope that this behind-the-scenes look of the true meaning of color impacts your mood, your life
and will inspire you to visit The Sage Lifestyle and find your hidden color that is just waiting to be discovered.
Remember – Take a moment every day to look around you and feel the colors, enjoy the colors. Live your life in full color!

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