Coral Gemstone Perfume Collection by Sage

KEY NOTES: Green Coconut, Neroli, Orange Blossom, Mimosa, Neroli Sandalwood
CORAL | A shimmering fragrance as captivating as its inspiration - those living vibrant underwater castles that have entranced human beings for centuries. Its subtle Green Coconut top note merges with joyful middle notes of Orange Blossom and Mimosa. These rest on a sheer, enveloping base note accord of Fresh Musk, Sandalwood and Vanilla that illuminates the wearer like sunlight streaming through tropical waters.
"Like a day at the beach in a bottle... I love this, it reminds me of long days in the sand and sun. The gentle Orange Blossom is just dreamy. It is warm yet gently floral in just all the right ways. This is a keeper!!! One of my favorites from Sage! My husband LOVES this and that always makes me feel good!" - S.K.