Sage & Citrine Blend 1/4 oz Gemstone Perfume Oil Roll-On by Sage - The Sage Lifestyle
Sage & Citrine Blend 1/4 oz Gemstone Perfume Oil Roll-On by Sage - The Sage Lifestyle
Sage Machado

Sage & Citrine Blend 1/4 oz Gemstone Perfume Oil Roll-On by Sage

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Sage’s ¼ oz Roll-On Perfume Oil Concentrates are infused with natural gemstones and were created to embody the essence and energy of each gemstone. They offer twice the amount of perfume oil as the 1/8 oz option with the same longevity.

SAGE KEY NOTES: Cucumber, White Sage, Wild Sweet Pea, Green Musk, Egyptian Musk, Tonka Bean

CITRINE KEY NOTES: Yuzu, Honeysuckle, Grapefruit, Cassis, Orris, Musk

Sage & Citrine Blend is part of the Fresh Fragrance Palette

STAYING POWER: Up to 8 hours and beyond

INGREDIENTS: Sage’s Gemstone Perfumes have been handcrafted by sourcing the highest quality essential oils from around the world using raw natural materials when possible, as well as sustainable, clean synthetics.

AVAILABLE SIZE: ¼ oz Roll-On Bottle, comes infused w/gemstones in each bottle.

This Perfume Oil Roll-On comes in Sage's signature reusable Japanese Washi paper inspired boxes.

Sage has chosen to use the Apatite stone in place of the Sage herb, as Sage is too delicate to immerse in perfume oil.

APATITE GEMSTONE PROPERTIES: Clears away confusion and negativity while stimulating the intellect to expand knowledge and truth. 

GOLDEN CITRINE GEMSTONE PROPERTIES: Known as The Merchant’s Stone or The Success Stone, Citrine properties are linked to the creative process, as it enhances mental clarity and allows for the flow of ideas and visualizing.

Sage’s fragrances are highly complex and seamlessly blend with the wearer’s body chemistry.

  • Travel Friendly
  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free
  • No Water or Alcohol
  • Paraben and Phthalate Free
  • Gluten and Nut Free
  • Made with love in sunny California


SAGE & CITRINE BLEND | A sunny, sparkling and crystalline tribute to the golden-yellow stone of the same name, exuberantly begins with a top note accord of White Sage, Yuzu, Grapefruit, Cucumber, Bergamot, Lemon, and Cassis. The sweet and innocent notes of Honeysuckle and Sweet Pea dance with base notes of Sandalwood, lush Green Musk, Orris and earthy Tonka Bean. Perfectly capturing the spirit of a stone legendary for its power to inspire hope and keep one young at heart.

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