Sage Loves Candles

Natural Candles

There is nothing like a gentle flicker of a candle flame and a lovely scent filling your home to evoke feelings of peace and wellness.

Unfortunately unless you are burning a natural candle, you are releasing toxins into your home and workplace that you may not even be aware of.

In today’s post I prepared a few simple points I would like to share about my candle collection and why I chose to make the switch to natural several years ago in my home and in my candle collections.


Here are a few simple facts: 

Why burn natural candles?
- cleaner burning candles
- environmentally safe 
- longer lasting 
- non-toxic 

My Natural Wax Candles Are: 
- made from 100% natural wax , coconut, soy and palm blend. 
- do not emit toxins while burning 
- biodegradable 
- burn cooler and slower 
- are a  renewable resource 
- use 100% cotton wicks

Traditional Paraffin Wax candles are: 
- made from petroleum by-products 
- emit 11 known toxins while burning 
- emit large amounts of soot 
- non-biodegradable 
- burn hotter and faster 
- non-renewable resource 

I hope you will consider switching to a natural wax candle as it is an excellent choice for those wishing to burn natural, environmentally friendly candles in their home or workplace, and for all of us who work so hard to live a healthy lifestyle. 
Experience one of my several natural candles today! 

Images via The Sage Lifestyle, Ashleywhite, Panteek and Thegraphicsfairy