Scent Memories...Falling in Love with Turquoise Perfume

Turquoise Gemstone Perfume Collection by Sage Machado


When we think about emotions being evoked by our senses, many times we think touch, sight or sound. However, scent is the most powerful sense when stimulating the brain about a past memory, sexual attraction or affecting an overall mood. Aromas, fragrances and scents have been used for centuries to enhance the experience of seduction, healing, lovemaking and memory enhancements.

Named after that vivid blue-green stone favored as an ornament across continents throughout the ages, Turquoise is an effervescent scent that stirs the spirit with oceanic beauty. Its youthful, enlivening top note accord of Blue Chamomile, Grapefruit, Cassis and ozone elements glistens like fragrant, sun-kissed sea spray. Turquoise’s base note accord of Waterflower-Infused Musk melds with Mysore Sandalwood for a dry down of freshly subtle depth.

The Turquoise stone is one of the most ancient gemstones known to man. With strong ties to the Egyptian and Aztec cultures, this gemstone made its way overseas to the US through Turkish trade. Turquoise has continued to be a vibrant stone in fashion, culture and healing. Turquoise continues to be uniquely divine in its power and is known as a master healer gemstone as its healing qualities are so effective and wide in range of healing. 

Turquoise Eau de Toilette Mini Spray by Sage Machado
  • The Zodiac Stone for Sagittarius and Birthstone for December

  • Turquoise is a part of the Marine Fragrance Palette

Certain Native American tribes revere Turquoise for its healing properties, which arguably are shared by the timeless, deep blue seas of the world that also inspired this fragrance fit for a mermaid.

 Turquoise is a stone for finding wholeness and truth. It benefits the overall mood and emotion by balancing and inducing a sense of serenity and peace.  



Turquoise Gemstone Perfume Key Notes Sandalwood Blue Chamomile Grapefruit Musk


"I don’t normally favour aquatic fragrances, but this is different. A little strong at first with the grapefruit and blackcurrant creating a fresh seabreeze, and these notes hold on for a bit. But soon, the white flowers appear with the Blue Chamomile and it becomes an almost ethereal potion with the sandalwood and musk slowly bringing out the warmth, like sunlight shimmering across the water and touching on lotus blossoms, with a hint of fresh green leaves. Not long after that, it begins to whisper to come to the water. This is what a water nymph or a mermaid might smell like, or what she would wear if she wore perfume. Two paintings spring to mind when I wear Turquoise: “Hylas and the Nymphs” by John William Waterhouse and “Drowned Atlantis” by Norman Lindsay."

Turquoise 1/4 oz Gemstone Perfume Oil Roll-On by Sage Machado


"Mmmm! I'm usually not a fan of "marine" scents, but this one is yummy. It has marine notes mixed with some herbal notes and sandalwood. I also detect some florals here. The marine scent is fresh and not at all cloying and it dries down into a wonderful fresh, breezy scent that really lasts."





Turquoise Gemstone Perfume Oil Vanity Bottle by Sage Machado


"Honestly, this review is not given lightly. My mom and myself have suffered with fragrance and scent issues for years.  Mine started when I was pregnant with my firstborn.  My mom had been plagued for years with migraine and headaches, so we were unable to enjoy perfume of any kind. We are both IN LOVE and very grateful!!!" 


A Gemstone Perfumery by Sage Machado


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