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Meet DIAMOND my number one selling perfume. Diamond was created for those who have a sensitive palette and can't wear traditional perfume Classified as a non-perfume as well as a gender-neutral scent, with it's fresh, clean presence Diamond has captivated many. 

 I was inspired by raw Diamonds whilst creating this long awaited fragrance. I am not attracted to the traditional Diamond in which we know, but the understated Diamond. Not overly sparkling, not demanding immediate attention, not perceiving wealth, but rather the understated Diamondslightly warmer, more unique and much more intimate. In the development and discovery of Diamond, I set out to represent all of these qualities and capture the unique and subtle essence of the raw Diamond, the much more mysterious and not so well conquered relative of the brilliant Diamond we all know.  

The strongest substance known to man - known for clarityresilience, and exquisite timeless beauty. I waited for over a decade to approach this most iconic stone and translate into scent - waiting for the right materials, the right moment. With the sheerest base notes blending together to create this scent, both soft and warm, we experience the subtle hint of Indian SandalwoodWhiteCrisp Amber, clean Oceanic Musk - and a touch of Rain Dew on the skin at morning - letting the light in.  

Diamond is a fragrance which can be worn by both men and women. It is a skin scent, complementing its wearer’s chemistry and evoking a clean, yet warm effervescent experience. A 5-STAR REVIEW: "One of the sweetest, most satisfying things about this perfume is how it clings to fabrics, and every time my nose is near the collar and cuffs of my favorite sweater, that fresh expansiveness returns. It's not the same living, warm scent as it is on my skin, it's the scent of frozen time. Memories on ice with a twist."-Carrie

Ancient Greeks named the Diamond "adamas,” meaning “invincible,” “indestructible,” “proper,” and “untamed.” Warriors in ancient Greece wore Diamonds as the stones were thought to strengthen the warriors’ muscles and bring them invincibility. The power, hardness and beauty of the diamond have been prized throughout history in many civilizations.

Known as the “Stone of Invincibility”, bringing victory, superior strength, fortitude and courage to its wearer. It is a symbol of wealth and manifesting abundance in one’s life. 

  • Diamond is the birthstone for April and the Zodiac Stone for Aries. 

  • A part of the Subtle Fragrance Palette.


 "Sheer yet spicy, pretty and fresh but natural, not fake "clean". Compliments galore - men and women, friend and strangers, when I wear this fragrance. My boyfriend recently smelled it on my scarf and said, 'Oh, it smells like you.' Perfect warm weather perfume I wear all day."-Nicola 


 "Do not be fooled by the simple fragrance pyramid! As Sage says on her website, she waited years and years to make this scent, assembling all the perfect types of the listed ingredients. This scent sparkles without being sharp, bright without being loud and is clear without being transparent. It smells like she really took the cream of the crop and blended them seamlessly, sublimely into a fragrance truly worthy of the name of the world's most beloved stone."





"While in California, I made an appointment with the resort spa where I was staying and while waiting was browsing the shop and came upon Sage’s collections. I fell in loveI have terrible allergies and cannot wear typical perfume, even high end. After several minutes I could not make my mind up regarding which scent I wanted to try first just to see if I could wear it longer than a few minutes before washing it off. When my appointment was over and after about 30 minutes had passed of smelling all the wonderful scents, I finally decided to go with Diamond. I love the clean scent on me and even more I’m so thankful I can wear it without any issues with my allergies, not even a headache. I live on the east coast and have already placed another order. Next time, I’m purchasing at least two. I’m so grateful I’m able to wear a scent and my husband likes it as well. The most difficult issue I had was deciding which one I wanted to try first. If that’s the only issue with Sage’s products I’ve had, I believe that Sage deserves 5 stars. Thanks so much for restoring my ability to wear a scent again."-Pennie



"I can only say thank you for the perfect oil(s)! I enjoy so many of your lovely scents, but my ultimate treasure is Diamond. This magnificent scent takes me to a place far away and present, at the same time with a warmth that fills my body and slowly creeps into my deeper sensual side and fills my eyes with the same sparkle of said diamond itself. I can’t bring myself to discard the beautiful little bottles or boxes they come in either. I still have all of them, lined up in their little oil garden."-Stacie


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