A Bohemian Scent Style Guide-Fragrances For The Bohemian Girl

image of amber,onyx,garnet perfume bottles with descriptions and image of perfume gift boxes words Boho and for the Bohemian gal.

Introducing My Scent Style Guide

In the diverse and evocative world of fragrances, there's a scent to match every personality, style, and preference, painting an olfactory picture of the wearer's unique identity. From the clean, unfussy allure of The Minimalist, who prefers understated elegance, to The Nature Lover, drawn to the fresh, earthy scents inspired by the great outdoors, there's a fragrance designed to resonate with every character. For The Bohemian Gal, with her free spirit and love for exotic, rich aromas that tell a story of adventure and artistry, the choice of scent is as bold and unconventional as her lifestyle. And not forgetting For the Gents – those with a discerning nose for sophisticated, masculine fragrances that combine tradition with a modern twist. This blog series will explore these distinct perfume style categories, guiding you through the art of selecting a fragrance that not only suits your style but also enhances your personal narrative.

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The Power Scent Plays in Your Style-Let’s Curate Your Fragrance Wardrobe

Have you ever noticed how a whiff of a captivating fragrance can transport you to a different realm? Scents possess an undeniable allure that can elevate your ensemble from mundane to magnificent! In the world of fashion, scent is a secret weapon that can complement your style and leave a lasting impression.

As a true fashionista, I understand the importance of curating every aspect of my look, from the clothes I wear to the perfume I dab. A well-chosen fragrance can be the ultimate final touch, adding depth and personality to your overall aesthetic.

Scent and style go hand in hand, like a perfectly paired glass of wine and a decadent meal. Just as you carefully select your outfit, you should also thoughtfully choose a fragrance that resonates with your unique personality.

Are You A Bohemian  Gal?

Bohemian style, often referred to simply as "Boho," is distinguished by its disregard for the constraints of mainstream fashion and lifestyle and its embrace of the unconventional. This style is characterized by layers of texture, combining various fabrics like lace, linen, and velvet for a look that's as complex as it is comfortable. Accessories play a crucial role in Boho fashion, with a penchant for vintage pieces, handmade items, and distinctive jewelry that adds a personal touch to every outfit. The Bohemian aesthetic extends beyond clothing, influencing interior design with a preference for rich, warm colors, eclectic furniture, and an abundance of art and cultural memorabilia that reflects a life well-traveled and deeply lived.

At its core, the Bohemian style is about expressing one's individuality and creativity without boundaries. It champions the idea of mixing and matching, not only in terms of patterns and textures but also in blending the old with the new and the luxurious with the mundane. The Bohemian Gypsy Gal's space is as unique as her wardrobe, a haven of inspiration and a collage of her adventures, beliefs, and dreams. It's a style that encourages one to explore the depths of their personal story, to dress and live in ways that are true to themselves, and to celebrate the beauty of diversity and the joy of discovery.

Fragrances for the Bohemian Gal are as diverse and vibrant as her home and wardrobe, each scent carrying the essence of her adventures and the stories of the lands she's traveled. They are bold, captivating, and utterly unique, mirroring the depth of her experiences and the richness of her soul.

Why Do I Smell A Perfume And It Reminds Me Of A Memory Or Place?

When you smell a perfume, it can take you back to a memory or place because our sense of smell is closely linked to the part of the brain that handles memories and emotions. Essentially, when you encounter a scent, it can instantly remind you of moments or places from your past. This happens because the brain stores the smell together with memories of the time and place you experienced it. So, when you smell that perfume again, it's like hitting the play button on a memory, bringing back feelings and images from before, almost like you're there all over again.


image of amber glass perfume bottle in front of woman on beach in orange dress

 Amber Perfume: The Warm Scent of Golden Sunlight

  • KEY NOTES:Blood Orange, Labdanum, Tunisian Amber, Musk, Vanilla

  • Zodiac Stone for Leo, Gemini, and Virgo

  • Amber is part of the Earthy Fragrance Palette

  • GEMSTONE PROPERTIES:  Carries the power of the sun, it is warm and comforting, energizing and life giving. It stimulates the chakras like the sunlight of spring, clearing the mind and stirring the soul to action.

 My Amber perfume exudes the richness of sun-warmed resin, combined with the sweetness of vanilla and the intrigue of blood orange, creating a scent that wraps you in the warmth of golden sunlight. Evoking images of ancient forests bathed in a sunset's glow, these fragrances are for those who seek comfort in the earth's deep, mysterious beauty. Amber perfume offers a deep, enveloping experience, reminiscent of nature's timeless elegance and the warmth of cherished memories.

AMBER- A fragrance of singular power and depth. Amber is inspired by those golden, light-filled stones formed from the resin of ancient trees. Its succulent Blood Orange top note streams like the sun’s rays through notes of Labdanum, Tunisian Amber and Musk. Legend states that Amber was used by sorcerers and magicians to promote strength, healing and protection. This fragrance is itself an emboldening yet profoundly calming talisman.

A Glowing Review

“I tried Amber many years ago, and recently bought a new sample because a friend was raving about it. This perfume is intoxicatingly gorgeous! The woody amber melts into a silky glow as a clean Egyptian Musk softens and lifts the aroma. It is at once unique, familiar, and magnetic - a warm hug but with style. The lasting power is impressive! I am upgrading to a full bottle immediately. Now I know why I couldn't find my old sample - I am sure I used it all up long ago and that Amber was my favorite of the Sage oils I tried back then! Simply wonderful.”-Erica

Onyx glass perfume bottle with gemstones infront of image of woman at the beach with hands in the air

 Onyx Perfume: A Mysterious Scent of Nightfall

  • KEY NOTES: Black Coconut, Tobacco Flower, Oakmoss, Vanilla Nectar, Tunisian Amber, Sheer Musk

  • Birthstone for July~Zodiac Stone for Leo

  • Onyx is part of the Earthy Fragrance Palette

  • GEMSTONE PROPERTIES: A powerful protection stone that absorbs and transforms negative energy. Black Onyx fosters wise decision making and encourages happiness.

 My Onyx perfume captures the enigmatic beauty of the night, with deep, smoky notes and hints of dark woods that evoke the mystery and allure of moonlit journeys. This scent is for the Bohemian Gal, who thrives in the magic of the night, whose adventures are illuminated by the stars. My Onyx-inspired fragrance offers a touch of mystery, a scent that is as intriguing and multifaceted as the night sky itself.

ONYX - A fragrance that is as darkly opulent as the stone for which it was named, Onyx begins with a bewitching top note accord of Black Coconut, Tobacco and Oakmoss. Its rich and enveloping base note accord of Vanilla, Amber and sheer Musk caresses the skin like sweet dew born of nocturnal, tropical air. A perfume of almost primeval intensity, Onyx evokes nature's beauty in its darkest forms; a jungle's depths, volcanic heat and velvety night skies.

A Glowing Review

“Wowza. Talk about sexy...mysterious. This is beyond gorgeous. Onyx is dark and rich. The coconut and tobacco blend so well together. My skin adores Onyx. I find the lasting power of SM oils to be outstanding. It wears close to the skin, yet every time I move my head, or brush my hair I get soft little clouds of scent that surround me and those close to me always seem to compliment. I love how my sweaters smell after wearing this. I can wear this all year. It's perfect for any season.This is swoon material. And seriously, how adorable is the packaging? Too cute!”-Arachne 

image of garnet glass bottle infront of woman wearing red dress sitting in chair

 Garnet Perfume: The Fragrance of the Heart

  • KEY NOTES: Watermelon, Gardenia, Moroccan Red Rose, Amber, Vanilla, Egyptian Musk, Patchouli

  • Birthstone for January and May~Zodiac Stone for Capricorn

  • Garnet is part of the Earthy Fragrance Palette

  • GEMSTONE PROPERTIES: Garnet is a sensual stone that promotes creativity and love. It grounds your spirit and helps in the ability to work lovingly with others.

My Garnet perfume is a vivid expression of passion and vitality, with bold, fruity notes and hints of Amber that spark the senses. Inspired by the fiery essence of the garnet gemstone, this earthy fragrance is for the Bohemian Gal with a heart aflame, whose passion for life and love knows no bounds. My garnet scent is captivating and vibrant, embodying the boldness of the wearer and her undying zest for life's adventures.

GARNET -A fragrance that is as deeply sensual as the smoldering red hue of the stone for which it was named, Garnet melds with and transforms the wearer’s body heat in an enigmatic alchemy. This tribute to the stone of love begins with a luscious and seductive Watermelon top note. Garnet’s full, inviting middle note accord of Gardenia and Moroccan Red Rose absolute languidly lies on a sumptuous bed for Amber, Vanilla and Musk that both radiates and beckons.

A Five Star Review

“Simply divine! I want to lounge about like an Odalisque in a Henri Matisse painting. Such an opulent, and slightly heady, blend of rose and gardenia with the amber giving it the gentle spice, and patchouli giving it the softest earthiness. The sweet kiss of blackberry, watermelon, and vanilla gives it a kind of berry twist...love it!”-BerryDelicious

Embracing Bohemian Fragrances

In wrapping up our exploration of the Bohemian scent style guide, which prominently features the enchanting elixirs of Amber, Onyx, and Garnet, we uncover a world where fragrance transcends mere olfactory pleasure to become a statement of individuality and freedom. Amber, with its rich, resinous warmth, envelops the wearer in a cloak of mystique, perfect for the soul who finds beauty in the depths of tradition and history. Onyx, dark and intense perfume, speaks to the daring spirit, a scent for those who navigate the night with ease and allure. Garnet, with its spicy and inviting fragrance notes, captures the essence of passion and creativity, embodying the fiery heart of the Bohemian ethos. Together, these scents offer a fragrance palette that is both diverse and harmonious, inviting one to embrace the unconventional with confidence and grace. As such, this guide is more than just a selection of fragrances; it's an invitation to a lifestyle that celebrates the eclectic, the artistic, and the free-spirited.