Varacite Cross on Coral - One of a Kind Gemstone necklace by Sage

Sage Machado

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Varacite Cross on Coral

Varacite cross on Coral.Vermeil chain - One of a Kind Gemstone necklace by Sage. Chain length: 17" inches. Pendant size: 3/4" x 1/2" inches.

*Variscite ,a s a stone of prosperity, Variscite helps one to find financial stability while avoiding excess. Promotes Courage, balances through Simplicity,and helps to release unwanted habbits. Variscite is used by healers to relieve stress, to enhance higher brain functions such as learning, logic and reasoning and to help in finding self acceptance.

*Coral is known as "The Stone of Diplomacy." It has the ability to use intuition, creativity and the knowledge of ancient civilizations as a means to bring peace . Coral aids in communication and tranquility, helping to propel one to action.

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