Opal Charm on Coral - One of a Kind Gemstone necklace by Sage

Sage Machado

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Opal Charm on Coral

Opal charm on Coral - One of a Kind Gemstone necklace by Sage. Vermeil chain. Chain length: 18" inches. Pendant size: 3/4" x 1/2" inches.

*Opal is known as "The Gem of the Gods." It arouses the great passion, innate clarity and understanding of one's mental and spiritual nature. It opens up the possibility for amusement, lightness and spontaneity to life. Opal absorbs and reflex energy fields and replenishes one's will.

*Coral is known as "The Stone of Diplomacy." It has the ability to use intuition, creativity and the knowledge of ancient civilizations as a means to bring peace . Coral aids in communication and tranquility, helping to propel one to action.

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