Mix Turquoise Mix Coral Onyx and Quartz Cluster Snake Necklace
Sage Machado

Mix Turquoise Mix Coral Onyx and Quartz Cluster Snake One of a Kind Gemstone necklace by Sage

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Mix Turquoise, Mix Coral, Onyx and Quartz cluster snake One of a Kind Gemstone necklace by Sage. Vermeil. Chain length is 16 1/4" inches.

*Turquoise the stone known as a "Master Healer." It is a purification stone, though grounded and protected it provides higher energy levels for healing and cleansing. It unites the earth and the sky, bringing together the male and female energies, enhancing the physical and the psychic immune systems, stimulating romantic love.

*Coral is known as "The Stone of Diplomacy." It has the ability to use intuition, creativity and the knowledge of ancient civilizations as a means to bring peace. Coral aids in communication and tranquility, helping to propel one to action.  

Onyx is the "Stone of Old Memories. It is a secretive stone that holds memories of old injuries, helps to heal old griefs and sorrows. Onyx is used in "past-lives" work as well as in psychometry, telling of one's story thru it vibrational properties. It's healing properties help in re-frameing and healing past traumas.

*Quartz is known as "The Stone of Manifesting." Is is the most powerful healing, cleanser and amplifying crystal. It is able to store information and used as a programming receptor.This Master healer vibrational connects the physical to mental and spiritual level. It harmonizes the chakras and all functional systems of the body.

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