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Indian Tray Basket Bowl in Red/Green

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Indian Tray Basket is inspired by Native American art, made with a traditional Pima Indian design, colored with natural dyes. The Pima Indians are known for their fine Indian baskets. Thin strips of materials; Devils Claw, willow and Bear grass are wrapped into a bundle which is coiled around in a continuous spiral. The symbol of the Salt River Pima Indian is the Man in the Maze. The legend depicts the experiences which occur during the journey through the maze of life. At the center of the maze are ones dreams and goals and when one reaches the center they are met by the Sun God who passes them on to the next world.

Diameter: 8"-9"

Height: 3"-3.5"

*Our commitment to the principals of Fair Trade create avenues of employment for economically disadvantaged artisans. With your help we will continue to provide an alternative source of income to these indigenous women.

*We are convinced that changing the way we shop can help change the world. Fair Trade is unique and special in the global marketplace. Your Fair Trade purchase actively promote social responsibility while supporting world-wide causes and community development, improve quality of life and preserve tradition and cultural legacy.

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