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Hand Painted Jewelry Box at Sage

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One of a kind Hand Painted Jewelry Box at Sage

*Hand Painted by Artisans in Kashmir, India. Wooden Base.

*Perfect jewelry or token box for your vanity or to gift to that someone special.

Size: 4" x 2 1/4"

These beautiful one of a kind hand-painted jewelry boxes are all from Kashmir, India. The boxes have a rich culture and incredible history. Each box is made of paper mache and has been hand painted by local artisans in Kashmir.

Paper mache is a French word meaning ‘Mashed paper’. It is a very delicate decorative art which shows the artistic zeal of craftsmen in Kashmir. The important elements in paper mache designs are objects of nature – such as birds singing or flowers bursting forth in full bloom, historical figures, animals, hunting and battle scenes, court scenes influenced by miniature paintings. The process for making paper mache is relatively simple but takes quite a bit of time and labor. There are two main steps in the process of creating paper mache items. The first is the sakhtsazi, or the actual production of the item, the second is the naqashi, when the item is painted with any number of motifs. The design is painted on free hand and often the painting is done in relief, with certain pieces of the design subtly raised. This gives a quality of dimensionality to design which adds to the beauty of the final product. Paint used may have a metallic quality which adds to the illuminated feel. After the design is complete the final step is adding a layer or more of varnish to give the item its characteristic shine. The ingenious Paper Mache skills are passed down from generation to generation, son taking the place of his father and father taking place of his father this art has been handed down from family to family. Introducing and offering this rare artisan jewelry boxes to my clientele is an honor and I look forward to each collection!

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