Frida Kahlo Hand Painted Milagro Heart from Peru - Medium

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Frida Kahlo Hand Painted Milagro Heart from Peru - Medium - The Sage Lifestyle

Hand Painted Milagro Heart from Peru

Material: Tin

*Dimensions: 4" x 5 1/4"

*Milagros are small metal religious charms found in many areas of Latin America, especially Mexico and Peru.  The word “Milagro” means “miracle”. These small charms are typically nailed or pinned to crosses or wooden statues of various saints like the Virgin Mary or Christ, sacred objects, pinned on the clothing of saint statues, or hung with little red ribbons or threads from altars and shrines.  They are also carried for protection and good luck.  Ranging in size from less than 1/2 inch to several inches, they are as unique as the cultures that produce them.  

*Our commitment to the principals of Fair Trade create avenues of employment for economically disadvantaged artisans. With your help we will continue to provide an alternative source of income to these indigenous women.

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