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Forest Stencil Set

$ 44.00

KimmelColors is a seasonal array of pencils, stencils and cases. For our second collection, we found inspiration deep in the forest—rattling seedpods, speckled golden light and the flapping of wings in trees. What do you see? The Forest Set includes three paper-laminated chipboard stencils, a collectable palette of six super-sized colored pencils and a canvas stencil case decorated with eco-friendly, nontoxic vinyl. Perfect for the backseat of the car, the playroom floor or wherever your imagination takes you! The Forest Stencils option includes three beautiful stencils made with paper-laminated chipboard in burgundy, neon orange and copper. The Forest Pencils option includes six supersized, lacquered colored pencils in lemon, venetian red, van dyck brown, light carmine, neon orange and metallic gold.