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"My life is my work, there is no line between the two for me."

So you're a big-deal Hollywood starlet. You've got designers plying you with free dresses, jewels and other accessories. Why would you actually go out and spend your hard earned cash at a store where mere mortals shop?There's an easy answer: because you've either stumbled onto or been tipped off to LA's best-kept secret: Sage. Kamikaze jeweler, clothing designer, perfumer, boutique owner, artist, and entrepreneur Sage Machado has been designing and manufacturing one of a kind handcrafted jewelry for 16 years. Her secret? Traveling the world to find crazy, beautiful vintage baubles that are then reworked into modern, yet timeless pieces of wearable art, using only precious or semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver and 14 karat gold. Machado's inspiration? She says, "You don't grow up in a house full of hippies, with your mother painting on your clothes in the middle of the night and not be inspired to create something!" Machado's other secret? Fear nothing. Do what you love. Oh yeah, and be great at it!

In early 1998, Machado combined her considerable talent and boundless energy to launch the first wildly successful Sage boutique in Los Angeles, which was devoted entirely to her eponymous jewelry line and housed over 300 pieces. The combination of glorious jewels and attentive service helped the tiny "jewel box" of a store become a resounding success. Machado's encore? Creating a line of 12 exquisite perfume oils, bath and candles, all named after, what else? Gemstones!

April 2001 saw the opening of a second Sage boutique, Sage Upstairs, dubbed a "lifestyle store" by Machado. And as of December 2001, the jewelry salon has taken residence in the lifestyle store, occupying a glorious bleached wood and turquoise fantasy hideaway within the store. The move has caused the clamor for Sage jewels to reach a fever pitch. A boutique employee raises a well-groomed eyebrow and declares, "People don't just collect Sage's jewelry. They hoard it. They covet it! It gets crazy around here." The store is actually a New York style loft space, hidden from both prying eyes and the hustle and bustle of busy Beverly Boulevard. Machado has applied her eclectic sensibility to an outstanding array of antiques to display her collections of jewelry, clothing, fragrance & candles. The store is a veritable treasure chest where you can view all of Sage's creations first class. If it's for sale in her store, chances are Machado already owns it herself. "I have always been obsessed with all things old and ethnic," says Machado. "If it's intricate, interesting, and handcrafted, I have to have it!" Machado's design aesthetic extends to every area of her life, from her Hollywood Hills bungalow, which is crammed full of turn-of-the-century artifacts from Europe, Asia and Morocco to her studio workspace, which she has decorated in a manner befitting an Indian princess. Her unbeatable personal style and artsy, bohemian touch has cemented her place as one of the top purveyors of LA style. As a result, Machado finds herself in the sometimes awkward position of deflecting gushing compliments from an adoring celebrity clientele. With Sage's love for antique textiles the inevitable soon unfolded in Fall of 2004. A clothing line was born. Her jeweled collection of ethnic inspired clothing embodies pure luxe bohemian style. Her apparel collection continues to grow, each piece a perfect blend of color, sparkle and style which Sage's fans have come to know and love.

All of these accomplishments are even more amazing when you consider the fact that Machado began her business with absolutely no funding besides from her own pockets, no formal jewelry design training and no schooling past high school. She remains the sole owner, responsible for every detail, right down to the personal scrutiny of every piece of jewelry that leaves her studio.

Machado considers herself an artist first and a businesswoman second. She has not so much chosen her career as it has chosen her. Her charmed existence, she says, is nothing more than a product of her ability to pay attention to the "direction the universe has pointed me in. My life is my work, there is no line between the two for me. I do what I love, I do it with passion, and I do it my way. That's what people are responding to. What more could a girl ask for?" Charmed, indeed.