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Sage Amber and Carnelian Roll-on Perfume Oil - Amber and Carnelian Perfume Oil by Sage

$ 45.00

Amber and Carnelian - Chic and captivating you can't help be enamored by rich musk with Tunisian Amber and a hint of Blood Orange blended with Tangerine, Mandarin and Papaya. An effortless scent that flourishes from day to night.

Amber and Carnelian perfume oil by Sage. A natural essential and fragrance oil blend using only the highest quality ingredients. Contains no alcohol or water.

1/8 oz. (1/16 oz. Amber oil blended with 1/16 oz. Carnelian oil) roll-on bottle in a hand made Japanese Washi paper box, the perfect travel perfume.

Proudly made in the U.S.A.